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About us

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Salvatore Caboni and Salvatorangelo Deriu 1955

Terrantiga, we are the first organization of producers in the beekeeping in Sardinia.

We are leader in the products of the hive, honey, pollen, and royal jelly

was born from the union of a group of beekeepers who boast a centuries-old tradition.

Our story began towards the end of the nineteenth century, when Salvatorangelo Deriu and Assunta Collu guarded and raised bees living in harmony with nature.

The passion of a gamekeeper who guarded the Marghine mountains, and the song that a woman from Campidano sang in her apiary, crossed the boundaries of time reaching us, and were inherited by subsequent generations.

Destiny with his drawings then brought together two of their grandchildren, Salvatore and Marisa, uniting them in marriage and giving rise to the fourth generation of beekeepers, from which we descend. We are aware of this legacy, and we honor it.

We have accepted the teachings of our ancestors, so we practice sustainable, clean and ethical beekeeping.

Terrantiga is in fact the first in Sardinia in organic beekeeping.

For us, the well-being of bees and beekeepers is fundamental.

Our task is to preserve and innovate in the interest of the future of nature and of the generations to come, for this reason Terrantiga beekeepers breed only local ecotypes, in harmony with biodiversity, avoiding unnatural and uncontrollable genetic forcing.

We are also nomadic beekeepers, who move relentlessly from the green areas of Foresta Burgos to the magnificent cliffs of Teulada.

Our bees collect nectar by producing honeys unique, which preserve the scents of Sardinia.

For us, beekeeping is not simply a job, but a passion and a way of life that has lasted for hundreds of years.

About our honey

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