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Terrantiga Sardinia honey’s

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Sardinia is our land


is the country where our bees flung and harvest the nectar who the honey born, with the help of the wins, the sun, the earth.

Artisan wild and raw honey change the taste In every season our extraordinary land offers its various kinds of honey’s.


All the honey are raw and unpasteurized


Discover our honey :


Mediterranean wildflowers organic raw honey From the cool spring months to the hot summer days, our landscape sublimes in the colors and scents of the Mediterranean bush.

Represents the botanical and geographical heart of our island but also that of our most representative raw honey, it’s variability is linked to the succession of dry seasons or rich in rain that allow rosemary to prevail over lavender or thistle dominance.

Mediterranean wildflowers Bush honey is therefore incredibly multifaceted and capable of accompanying the most varied dishes.

Available size: glass jar 42 grams glass jar 250 grams box 6 x 250 grams


miele di corbezzolo
corbezzolo di sardegna

the most famous of Sardinian honeys.

Rare and appreciated all over the world for its organoleptic but also curative qualities comparable to Manuka honey in laboratory tests.

it surprised the palates of those who consumed it.

The strawberry tree plant is very widespread in Sardinia, it is very rare because our bees are able to collect the nectar only in the years when there are summer rains and mild winters, the great diffusion of strawberry trees allows us to obtain the best quality worldwide.

strawberry tree honey is a unique honey with a millenary history like our land Available size: glass jar 42 grams glass jar 250 grams box 6 x 250 grams



eucalipto 250gt.Organic Red Eucalyptus Honey from Sardinia the honey of the breath.

Is the honey with the most important production on the island (and one of the most popular).

the plant also reaches 25 meters they blooms in early summer,

the taste is soft and caramel, much appreciated in Sardinia, the aroma is of wood, cooked sugar, toffee

Eucalyptus honey is amber in color a slight ;

Available size: glass jar 42 grams glass jar 250 grams box 6 x 250 grams